Homeownership Finally Makes Political Debate

Homeownership Finally Makes Political Debate

This is not a political post!

Finally, the issue of home-ownership has become a platform talking point in this year’s presidential debate. Yesterday, one of the candidates running for President spoke out about the importance of home-ownership in America:

“Home-ownership is about more than just owning a home. It is about putting roots down in a community with better schools, safer streets and good jobs. And it is about building wealth, as homeowners build equity in their home one mortgage payment at a time…We must make sure that everyone has a fair shot at home-ownership.”

What does this mean for all American’s?  What matters most is that EVERY candidate for our country’s highest office realizes the important role home-ownership plays in the development of our nation.

The fact that home-ownership was finally brought to the forefront of the debate is great news – no matter which way you lean politically.  If you have questions about buying or selling a home, give us a call, we are the local area experts.  530-222-3800.

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