Staging Your Home and the Impact on Sales Price

Staging Your Home For Sale in Redding

The best rooms to stage in order to attract more buyers include the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Read more about professional home staging at

First impressions are lasting impressions

Usually, We have only one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Let’s work together to make sure it is a positive impression.

  1. Plan Ahead

  2. Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize

  3. Maximize Curb Appeal

  4. Pay Attention to Kitchens and Bathrooms

  5. Appeal to the Senses

  6. Show Off Your Home's Best Features

Josh Barker Real Estate Advisors - Home Staging to make a lasting first impression

Homes must be Priced Right and Look Better than the Competition

People will not over-pay, but they will pay a premium for “the best” real estate property on the Market. Before Buyers decide to buy, they need to mentally move their own belongings into the home. If a home has too much or too little in it, it is difficult for most Buyers to visualize how their own belongings will look in the home. Most people buy on emotion; therefore we want to emotionally connect them to your home. In Redding's competitive real estate market, home staging has become the tool of choice that gives homeowners and Realtors the edge over the competition.

Home Staging

Virtual Home Staging

Virtual Home Staging is most commonly used for vacant homes. These beautiful images of your home are re-created to include stylish home furniture pieces, eye-catching area rugs, and other art and decorative items. This "Make Over" helps home buyers imagine the potential of the vacant property as their future home. See more about virtual home staging at

See all the marketing tools we have to help get the most money for your home!

Josh Barker Redding Homes' 5 Proven Steps to getting the most money for your home

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