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Social Marketing and Network Strategies

Target agents in Shasta County to increase the flow of buyers to your home.

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There are 3 types of buyers in any market. The first group are “local buyers” searching neighborhoods, the Internet, and local magazines. Next, there are “out of town buyers” that typically search the Internet for homes. Finally, there are “buyers under the influence of other agents.” To reach these buyers, you must have a system for attracting other agents.

We know the importance of working with other agents in our marketplace and we have a plan that leverages the greatest amount of other agents to sell your home. There’s a common misconception among home sellers that you need to work with a local or neighborhood specific agent in order to get your home sold. The fact of the matter is that 70% of homes are sold by co-op agents. This means that you have a less than 30% chance that your agent is going to attract the buyer for your home.

To increase showings from co-op agents, we target buyer specialists in our market. This leads to increased showings from them, a higher profile for your listing among all buyer specialists and an expanded reach and exposure for your home. We also make certain that co-op agents are paid a fair portion of the commission that is negotiated. This not only gets buyer specialists excited about your home, but also gets them to “talk up” your home to potential buyers. This positions your home in front of the stronger agents in our marketplace.

Marketing directly to the population of buyers in the marketplace, without focusing on the buyer specialists who work with these qualified buyers, can cost you thousands in equity, and weeks or even months, on the market. Lastly, we understand the power of social marketing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites are great tools for maximizing the exposure of your home. In fact, many of the homes we list each year are sold with the use of these tools. With the use of social marketing and networking strategies, you can be assured that the greatest amount of buyers and real estate agents are exposed to your home.

Seller's Feedback Program

Problem: Most agents put a sign in front of your home, place the home on the multiple listing services and then wait to see what happens. When nothing happens, the agent often times just asks for a price reduction. Sellers are left feeling disappointed and don’t understand why their home has not sold.

Solution: Our team constantly monitors the showings that take place on your home. We follow up with each showing and determine 3 things. We first get feedback on how the buyer and agent felt the home showed and what could be done to help the home show better. Next, we determine if the buyer purchased another home and why they chose a different home over yours. Finally, we get feedback on the list price.

Seller's Benefits:

  • You are constantly updated on how your home is perceived by the buyer.
  • You can quickly identify what can be done to improve showings.
  • You can easily monitor the sales process

Continuous Networking Systems

Problem: Agents have hundreds of homes to scan through to find the right home for the buyer they are working for.

Solution: We proactively contact buyer agents in different companies and identify the agents that are looking for homes like yours.

Seller's Benefits:

  • Not waiting for agents to find your home on the MLS.

Buyer's Benefits:

  • Agents can locate the ideal home for purchase faster.

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